Groundwater Flow

Written by Steve Henshaw, P.G., President & CEO of EnviroForensics & PolicyFind

As seen in the March 2009 issue of Western Cleaner & Launderer March, 2009

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“Water runs downhill.”  That old catch phrase is true.  A hydrogeologist, however, is more likely to say that groundwater runs downgradient.  What’s the difference?  One we can see and the other we infer.  That is the essential difference and why some in the 1850’s said that understanding groundwater flow was an occult practice instead of a science.  This article will go into how we simplistically determine the direction of groundwater flow, why tetrachloroethene (perc) enters groundwater, and how perc “goes for a ride”, sometimes in a different direction than the groundwater flow. Continue reading “Groundwater Flow”