Environmental Services

Experience counts, and EnviroForensics has performed hundreds of site investigations in order to quantify environmental liabilities, identify other contributing and responsible parties, and to provide comprehensive and legally defensible data. Our exemplary group of engineers and scientists develop remediation plans with innovative, risk-based corrective measures for soil and groundwater contamination. Plans are designed to be cost-effective, minimize business disruption, and comply with regulatory agencies to facilitate property transfers and site closures.

EnviroForensics is a full-service environmental consulting firm that provides design, program management, construction management, and ongoing operation and maintenance for remedial systems and treatment facilities. EnviroForensics specializes in regulatory compliance and permitting for industrial facilities, construction sites, and municipalities. Projects include environmental audits, impact assessments, and testing and monitoring of surface water and air quality.

Environmental Services

  1. Investigation and Remediation
  2. Real Estate and Due Diligence
  3. Brownfields Development
  4. Vapor Intrusion and Mitigation
  5. Regulatory Compliance Services

EnviroForensics expert team of engineers, scientists, remedial designers, program managers and risk assessors have the experience and capabilities to meet a client’s multi-project needs.

Our risk assessors are experts in communicating toxic chemical exposure, including analytical results, to exposed persons, such as nearby residents, workers and the general public, as well as, the party responsible for cleaning up the contamination, and regulators. We act as a liaison between multiple parties, such as local municipalities, environmental and health departments, and the media, to answer questions pertaining to exposure and spread of contamination.

Our program management combines the ability and technical resources to define, plan, implement and integrate every aspect of a client’s projects, including planning, design, permitting, compliance, engineering management, construction and ongoing operations.

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