Petroleum Industry

The petroleum industry faces an ever-changing landscape and the continued challenge of reducing environmental liabilities with limited funding to meet regulatory standards. We assess environmental risk and exposure related to compliance with Underground Storage Tank (UST) regulations and State Trust Funds. Our hydrogeologists, geologists, engineers, and scientists are experienced with exploration and production, transmission, processing, storage, and downstream refining and distribution. We specialize in developing innovative, risk-based approaches to reduce liability and remediate soil and groundwater contamination to achieve site closure.


We effectively identify the presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products that indicate a release to the environment and how it may impact the current and/or future use of the site. Petroleum hydrocarbon releases typically travel downward contaminating soil. When the spill reaches groundwater, it floats and migrates horizontally. As a result, most petroleum releases are fairly shallow in nature. We use the most current and effective remediation technologies and handle everything from site investigation and risk assessment to site remediation, all while working to ensure out-of-pocket expenses are kept to a minimum by locating our client’s old insurance policies to help fund the cleanup costs.

Former COO

Having used EnviroForensics multiple times over the years, I have always been fully satisfied with their efforts and effectiveness concerning remediation. Recently, I engaged them for proactive environmental testing of multiple petroleum marketing facilities when I put them on the market for sale. Their consultation, testing, and reporting alleviated the concerns of the buyer and lender. This greatly facilitated the sales which were successfully consummated. I highly recommend their services.