Brownfield Redevelopment

What is Old Can Be New Again:

A Better Way to Redevelop.

Abandoned industrial and commercial facilities often have complex environmental problems. Acquisition of such properties—called brownfields—and transforming them into useable real estate takes knowledge and experience. EnviroForensics has the environmental expertise to partner strategically with businesses, brownfield coordinators and developers to redevelop these tainted assets and convert them into valuable community spaces. We are able to accomplish this by leveraging the knowledge of our team of professional geologists, engineers, geochemists and scientists.

For over 20 years, EnviroForensics has been Turning Environmental Liabilities Into Assets®.  In no more critical arena is this applied than in Brownfield Redevelopment. Whether it is performing initial Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessments on abandoned properties, helping communities evaluate and rank brownfield sites, or leading a multi-disciplined team to repurpose underutilized properties, EnviroForensics helps clients navigate the maze of environmental regulations and issues that can impede redevelopment.