Insurance Funded Solutions

Your historical insurance coverage portfolio is a source of funds that can be used to help pay for environmental cleanup and legal defense against liabilities. By submitting a formal request to your insurance company for coverage or compensation for a covered loss or policy event, you can offset your environmental project cost. We help identify and administer the insurance assets to fund the environmental work on your behalf. Whether historical or contemporary, we have long-standing expertise to conduct work that insurance companies fund.

Insurance assets can be the additional funding resource needed to complete environmental cleanup and redevelopment and can be used for cost recovery and policy buyback evaluation. Our technical experts are some of the best in the country at quantifying the future risk and costs of an environmental remediation project. We can help you maximize your rightful recovery of these funds.

What our Clients Say

“When old insurance policies are brought to the light of day, they put small business owners on the same playing fields as governments and companies with deep resources.”

Ice Miller LLP