October 26

Wisconsin Drycleaner in an Environmental State Fund Program Enlists EnviroForensics’ Help

A drycleaner originally went through the state’s Drycleaner Environmental Response Fund to clean up their PCE contamination. After spending roughly $250,000 out-of-pocket and experiencing years-long delays in reimbursement, the drycleaner called EnviroForensics.

EnviroForensics conducted insurance archeology, found coverage for the drycleaner, and tendered the carrier, who took over payment for the work.

EnviroForensics conducted an additional environmental investigation, which uncovered both soil contamination and vapor intrusion. An excavation of the contaminated soil was performed, and approximately 670 tons of soil and 400 pounds of PCE were removed.

Ongoing site work facilitated the sale of the property. Redevelopment plans are underway for reuse as a commercial office building.