Project Manager - Wisconsin

Job Type: Full-time

Location: Wisconsin


As a Senior Project Manager, you will effectively oversee all technical and administrative aspects of assigned projects, maintain accountability for project progress and profitability, and actively promote all company policies and procedures in a positive fashion. You will maintain and uphold, and perform in a manner consistent with EnviroForensics’ Core Values. The primary objective of this position will be achieved by meeting or exceeding all criteria set-forth below in the Job Description, Goals and Requirements. 


  1. Report directly to assigned Group Manager or Director of Consulting Services if serving as Group Manager;  
  2. Work with the Director of Consulting Services and members of the Technical Group for project related responsibilities;  
  3. Actively oversee and ensure the implementation and advancement of all assigned projects;  
  4. Meet prescribed goals for Senior Project Manager level personnel;  
  5. Effectively implement corporate risk management protocols and procedures on all assigned projects;  
  6. Maintain accountability for all administrative, budgetary, and technical aspects of assigned projects;  
  7. Ensure the profitability for all assigned projects;  
  8. Establish and build client relationships;  
  9. Interact effectively with all project stakeholders;  
  10. Schedule and direct Project Managers and other technical and support staff as required;  
  11. Mentor and train Project Managers and support staff to effectively manage projects to objectives and goals, and ensure adherence of all company policies and procedures;  
  12. Approve and assume primary accountability for project work scopes and cost proposals;  
  13. Oversee field activities and approve Health & Safety protocol for assigned projects;  
  14. Maintain an in-depth understanding of applicable regulations, statutes and non-rule policy guidance for State and Federal regulatory programs, and ensure that project objectives comply accordingly;  
  15. Review, approve and maintain primary accountability for all technical documents associated with assigned projects in accordance with the EnviroForensics Style Guide, and effectively implement and enforce the Document Review Policy;  
  16. Prepare reports, documents, and/or field activities, as necessary;  
  17. Participate in occasional business development efforts as required; and  
  18. Provide feedback to your Consulting Group Manager and the Director of Consulting Services regarding technical staff performance.  
  19. Be familiar with your projects accounts receivables, carrier audits, collections etc. and act in concert with the Controller and Project Managers to collect past due amounts when necessary.  


  • Advanced knowledge in a relevant area of science, geology, and/or engineering customarily gained through attendance and successful completion of a course of study at an accredited university.  
  • 5+ years of progressive environmental consulting project management experience.  
  • Use of discretion and professional judgment 

To apply to this position, send your cover letter, and resume to

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status.