Joseph Stephens, PG, MBA

Joseph Stephens is a Regional Director and registered professional geologist with more than 17 years of experience in environmental consulting with a focus on environmental due diligence and site investigation. Joseph has performed and managed numerous site assessments, subsurface investigations, and subsurface contaminant delineation and remediation projects at various types of facilities in various types of geologic settings. He also has extensive experience in conducting environmental assessments of properties undergoing acquisition, divestiture, or refinancing. His experience includes technical direction of project teams, including engineers, geologists, industrial hygienists, and field and laboratory technicians, while maintaining specific quality control and standardization protocols. Joseph’s field experience includes subsurface utility clearance; soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, and wipe sampling; geophysical survey oversight; oversight of auger, hammer, sonic, and wire-line core drilling; direct-push borings; remedial oversight including excavation, injection, and system installation; and in-situ permeability testing and aquifer testing.

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