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Samantha Henderson, LPG
Samantha Henderson, LPG
Project Manager

Samantha Henderson has an educational background in geology and has 8+ years of experience in environmental consulting. Henderson’s expertise focuses on remediation design and implementation for projects involving dry cleaners, petroleum impacts, and former industrial properties with several decades of varied use leading to complex conceptual site models. Samantha has directed numerous subsurface investigations of varying size and employed variety of remedial technologies, including soil excavation, multi-phase extraction systems, vapor mitigation, soil mixing, and chemical injections.

She has performed a wide variety of field work and project management tasks related to Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, and site investigation and delineation. Samantha utilizes her technical expertise to find unique solutions for our clients and maintain forward progression toward regulatory closure.

She has been responsible for the management of numerous projects throughout various stages of subsurface investigation and remediation, with daily business responsibilities including budget management, proposal design, preparation of work plans/ scopes, due diligence research, reporting, and communication with stakeholders and regulators at all stages of project progression.

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