Field Professional – Louisville

Job Type: Full-time

Starting Salary: $44,000 per year

Location: Louisville



Maintain, uphold and perform in a manner consistent with EnviroForensics’ Core Values and Fundamental Behaviors. Effectively and efficiently complete all field program activities and associated administrative functions, and adequately prepare basic written technical documents.  Become knowledgeable and proficient in all applicable field techniques and prepare to provide Staff level duties by receiving instruction and training from the Louisville Regional Directors and/or other managers. The position’s Primary Objective will be achieved by meeting or exceeding all criteria set forth below in the Job Description, Goals, and Requirements.



  • Report directly to the Louisville Regional Director;
  • Work directly with Project Managers, Senior Project Managers, Louisville Regional Director, and members of the Technical Group for project-related responsibilities;
  • Work with the Field/Staff Professional Group Manager and Health & Safety Coordinator as appropriate;
  • Effectively implement all assigned tasks;
  • Meet prescribed goals for Field level personnel;
  • Manage the administrative, budgetary, and technical aspects of assigned tasks;
  • Learn, implement, and master all standard Field level activities in preparation for promotion to Staff level;
  • Train less-experienced Field personnel regarding proper techniques and procedures for field tasks;
  • Communicate with and schedule subcontractors and vendors, and complete other tasks required to implement field activities;
  • Conduct assigned site investigation field sampling and assessment activities, and manage onsite field teams;
  • Document and prepare forms related to all field activities in accordance with proper standard operating procedures;
  • Implement the site’s Health and Safety Plan (HASP), and ensure the health and safety of all workers while in the field;
  • Compile and manage field data and other project information;
  • Prepare written documents, including work scopes, investigation reports, Phase I ESAs, and others as assigned, in accordance with the EnviroForensics Style Guide;
  • Maintain company vehicles and equipment, and notify management of required repairs and/or other needs; and
  • Keep equipment room clean and well organized.



  • Advanced knowledge in a relevant area of science, geology, and/or engineering is customarily gained through attendance and successful completion of a course of study at an accredited university.
  • Use of discretion and professional judgment.
  • Maintain 40-Hour HAZWOPER training with 8-Hr refresher courses.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to drive to various job sites.
  • Travel to job sites and overnight stays are required.
  • Requires the ability to, at times, work long hours (i.e., 10+ hrs./day; 40+ hrs./week) while in the field, in addition to required time in the office.
  • Field events will, at times, be conducted in severe weather conditions (e.g., heat/humidity, cold, rain, snow, etc.). Health and Safety precautions will be considered at all times, especially during extreme weather conditions.
  • Requires occasional lifting and carrying of heavy equipment, up to approximately 60 pounds.
  • Field sampling and other field activities must be completed in accordance with standard operating procedures and within reasonable time frames.

To apply to this position, send your cover letter and resume to

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status.