Real Estate and Due Diligence

EnviroForensics provides environmental assessment and due diligence services to commercial and residential developers, property management companies, real estate investment trusts, Brownfield developers, financial institutions, law firms, and governmental agencies. Environmental engineers with experience in merger and acquisition projects focus on specific acquisition and development criteria in order to develop strategies to resolve contingent environmental liability concerns while maximizing asset value.

Due diligence is required during business and property acquisitions to determine if the operating business and/or properties carries any potential environmental liabilities including hazardous waste contamination, lack of permits, permit violations, and compliance deficiencies. Because EnviroForensics specializes in understanding a client’s underlying business objectives and works in concert with them to develop strategies to close deals and maximize asset value, the consulting firm has been successful at taking upside down properties and turning them into profitable assets.

In order to restore value to contaminated properties, EnviroForensics locates insurance assets (through Confidential Insurance Archeology®) to find funds for site investigation, cleanup and legal defense. This reconstruction of insurance coverage often results in a sharing of responsibility for liability with previous owners and operators that may have caused or contributed to contamination. A larger reservoir of money from insurance policies is created and more equitable allocations are achieved for clients and their carriers.

EnviroForensics offers a unique integration of risk management, environmental engineering and business acumen, in order to provide both the assessment of environmental exposures and the financial management of environmental liabilities. Transaction services include pre-closure due diligence activities, risk evaluation, implementation of corrective measures and upgrades, and post-closure facility management. EnviroForensics also provides real estate clients with comprehensive environmental engineering, regulatory compliance and permitting, and litigation support services.

Real Estate and Transaction Services

Real Estate Assessment and Due Diligence

  • Project Management
  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)/Site Characterization and Investigation
  • Cost Recovery
  • Contaminated Property Acquisition and Redevelopment
  • Environmental Property Management and Tenant Audits
  • Environmental Compliance and Health & Safety Programs
  • Engineering Design and Construction Management
  • Confidential Insurance Archeology®
  • Lead Assessment
  • Asbestos Assessment
  • Ensure Underground Store Tanks (USTs) meet regulatory compliance

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