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EnviroForensics is the dry cleaning industry’s most trusted environmental engineering and consulting firm. We are the only full-service environmental firm that performs insurance archeology to locate money to pay for environmental investigation, cleanup and legal fees. We specialize in subsurface investigation and cleanup. We’ve obtained the most dry cleaner regulatory closures and are the nation’s leader in finding and using insurance coverage. By combining innovative environmental investigation and remediation techniques with the reconstruction of insurance coverage, EnviroForensics is successful at restoring value to contaminated sites at little to no cost to you.

While you stay open for your customers, we address all issues associated with environmental contamination, which may include reduced property values, significant costs for site investigation and cleanup, costs for legal defense, regulatory compliance, and work with insurance carriers, attorneys, banks, and inspectors on your behalfall without interrupting your business operations.

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Confidential Insurance Archeology

Investigation and Remediation Services

We have investigated and cleaned up hundreds of dry cleaning sites and these clients received insurance supportranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to sometimes millions of dollarsto cover the costs of investigating and cleaning up environmental liability. This important process restores value to contaminated properties.

PolicyFind locates often overlooked insurance assets associated with properties and can include historical policies from previous owners and operators that may have caused or contributed to environmental contamination.

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Dry Cleaner Testimonials

“EnviroForensics runs our project. They interface for us, with the insurance carriers, the attorneys and the state regulators so we can spend our time and energy running our business… We are grateful to have EnviroForensics on our team and are pleased that they were able to find another option to pay for this huge liability. We encourage our friends and peers to talk to the team at EnviroForensics, they truly understand the insurance angle and the science, and we couldn’t be more relieved.”

– Steve Klinke, Klinke Cleaners


The team at EnviroForensics pulled together my historical insurance information and worked with me to develop a strategy to use those old policies to pay for the investigation and remediations of the environmental impacts on all three of my dry cleaning sites. It sounded too good to be true, but true to their word… my dry cleaners are on the way to being contaminant free properties.”

– Dan Martino, Martino’s Master Dry Cleaners


“The strategy [EnviroForensics] presented gave me confidence to take the steps to investigate and clean up the PERC contamination that would otherwise devalue my business. I am doing it now rather than waiting until I want to sell or leaving an unpleasant legacy for my family… I like being in the driver’s seat and I am responsible for making my community a better place to live.”

– Vince Henderson, Wolford Cleaners


“I would encourage every one of my peers to face this problem head on, and the sooner the better. It is a long process and thinking that you can put it off until you want to retire or sell is only putting yourself that much further behind in achieving those goals.  The time is right to do it now.”

– Gary Maloney, Nu-Yale Cleaners


The Dygert family of Mercury Cleaners, in Valparaiso, Indiana
discusses how they were able to stay open during an environmental cleanup.