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Whether you’re actively running your dry cleaning business, looking to sell, refinancing, or passing on your business to the next generation, the evolution of environmental laws and regulations has resulted in dry cleaning operators and owners being held responsible for identified releases of solvent no matter how long ago it happened. There is good cause for hope because the tools exist that can help ambitious dry cleaners put these concerns behind them. 

We’re chlorinated solvent experts with ingrained knowledge and understanding of historical and current dry cleaning practices and machinery. We fix environmental issues by performing subsurface site investigation, cleaning up contamination, mitigating vapor intrusion, and providing expert technical support to legal counsel.   

Through our insurance archeology division, we find your or your predecessor’s historical Commercial General Liability (CGL) policies, which are valuable assets that can be used to pay for resolving environmental issues. We’re the nation’s leader at applying historical insurance coverage to fund the costs of environmental investigation, cleanup, and legal defense against third-party liabilities. 

We’ve partnered with dry cleaner for over 20 years to ensure our specialized services protect the long-term interests and personal needs of dry cleaners.

What drycleaners say about us

“EnviroForensics runs our project. They interface for us, with the insurance carriers, the attorneys and the state regulators so we can spend our time and energy running our business… We are grateful to have EnviroForensics on our team and are pleased that they were able to find another option to pay for this huge liability. We encourage our friends and peers to talk to the team at EnviroForensics, they truly understand the insurance angle and the science, and we couldn’t be more relieved.”

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