October 19

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Designates October Manufacturing Month in Wisconsin

EnviroForensics believes that Wisconsin’s manufacturers are a pillar of the state’s success.  Wisconsin has a thriving manufacturing sector, employing nearly 450,000 workers and contributing $50 billion to the state’s economic input.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has recently designated the month of October as Manufacturing Month. Manufacturing Month will showcase Wisconsin’s manufacturing sector and its importance to the state’s economy. It will also present manufacturing as a successful career path. This coincides with Manufacturing Day on October 4th, a nationally-recognized day sponsored by the national Manufacturing Extension Partnership, the National Association of Manufacturers and the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association.

Manufacturing Month will be comprised of scheduled events that discuss best practices in workforce training, programs that are available to employers and workers, and ways to advance dialogue to address current workforce challenges.

Manufacturing Month will celebrate how vital manufacturing is to the economy. As we recognize the value of manufacturing, it’s also important to discuss the maintenance of manufacturing sites, which can be subject to environmental contamination. Many historical manufacturing operations, such as parts degreasing and metal finishing, used chlorinated solvents and heavy metals, which may have been spilled and migrated into the soil and groundwater, and ultimately to indoor air in the form of vapor intrusion (VI).

EnviroForensics is committed to helping businesses address environmental contamination. In addition to fixing environmental problems, we also specialize in finding the funding necessary to clean up contamination. We have pioneered the process of locating and leveraging old insurance policies to pay for site investigation and cleanups, as well as legal fees. Our team of expert engineers and geologists have extensive expertise in the remediation of soil and groundwater contamination as well as Vapor Intrusion (VI) issues.

EnviroForensics is celebrating Manufacturing Month from our office located in Waukesha, Wisconsin. We are here to help with any environmental contamination issues facing businesses in the manufacturing sector. For more information, call 866-888-7911 or fill out this manufacturers assessment form.