July 26

Taking on an Environmental Challenge Thousands of Miles Away

EnviroForensics is based in Indianapolis, but we don’t let our central location get in the way of addressing environmental issues across the country. Our project managers are equipped with years of experience leading investigations and remediation projects from both out in the field and behind a desk. In that time, we have also cultivated trusting relationships with outside vendors from all over the country, and have a keen understanding of individual state environmental regulations, making geographic proximity virtually irrelevant.

Recently, EnviroForensics did a project on the West Coast with an unusually tight deadline. A client in California needed soil and groundwater data collected, analyzed, and reported within a week. We received the phone call late on a Friday afternoon. Ordinarily, coordinating the logistics for a such a project would be a Herculean task, but due to the hard work of our staff and connections we have built in the Bay Area, we were able to line up a private utility locate contractor, a drilling contractor, an environmental equipment vendor, and a California-certified analytical laboratory by the end of business that same day. Our personnel caught a flight early the next week and we were well on our way.

EnviroForensics was founded in California in 1996, so we understand the unique regulatory challenges regarding permitting and sample collection. We worked with our partners in the Bay Area to ensure all appropriate permits were obtained prior to the start of work. Our field team advanced hand augers in a tight space within the site building and direct push borings within the site parking lot. Soil and groundwater samples were collected within one (1) day, minimizing the disturbance to the property owner’s on-site business. The samples were hand-delivered to the laboratory and the testing results were received and reported to the client on-time, within one week of his initial request.

When taking on a project, whether it’s right around the corner, or thousands of miles away, a steady, well-seasoned team is needed to lead the operations. Additionally, a knowledge and familiarity with the local rules and regulations and trustworthy partnerships in the area make a big impact. For this project and countless others, our project managers have proven they possess the ingenuity and the expertise to effectively manage environmental investigations and cleanups both locally and nationally.