March 09

EnviroForensics Successful in Obtaining Site Closure for Sites Impacted with Chlorinated Solvents

Cleaning up soil and groundwater contaminated by chlorinated solvents, such tetrachloroethylene (PCE) and trichloroethylene (TCE), can be a lengthy and complicated process. When compared to environmental releases from run-of-the-mill retail petroleum sites, achieving regulatory closure for chlorinated solvent sites is not all that common. There are several factors that contribute to this reality; some of which are explained in more detail in The Unbalanced Cost of PCE Spills. It takes a great deal of specialized expertise, experience and technical strategy to close a chlorinated solvent site, and EnviroForensics is an industry leader in this category.

In the past five years we have:

  • Achieved regulatory closure for 12 chlorinated solvent sites;
  • Remediated 6 additional chlorinated solvent sites currently in the post-remediation closure monitoring phase; and are
  • Actively implementing remedial measures in accordance with approved work plans at 15 more than chlorinated solvent sites.

What sets us above our competitors? Our staff of skilled and experienced hydrogeologists, geologists, engineers and scientists who are specialized in developing innovative, risk-based approaches to remediating soil and groundwater contamination to achieve site closure. Our engineers use the most current and effective technologies, including in situ biological and chemical remediation, in addition to traditional mechanical and physical contaminant removal methods. We handle everything from site investigation to risk assessment and site remediation, all while working to ensure our clients’ out-of-pocket expenses are kept to a minimum by locating and utilizing their old insurance policies to help fund cleanup costs.

Our goal is always to obtain site closure for our clients’ properties, and we have been successful in doing so.  We work to restore the value of our clients’ properties and businesses in a way that won’t place financial strain on them. Our clients are always our priorities, and you can trust EnviroForensics to turn your environmental liabilities into assets.