March 01

EnviroForensics’ Second Lunch & Learn in the 2016 Series Discusses Insurance Archeology

EnviroForensics’ monthly Lunch & Learn program is designed to bring employees together to learn more about a specified company- or industry-related topic. Our 2016 series, What We Do & How We Do It, will take employees step by step through our unique and challenging way of supporting our clients. The first installment last, How Past Dry Cleaning Practices Resulted in Environmental Releases,took place in January and delved into the history of chlorinated solvents and the dry cleaning industry—taking attendees back to the roots of the environmental consulting industry.

Last week, EnviroForensics’ employees were invited to attend a presentation to learn more about funding sources for the environmental work that we do. We have had many successes in helping our clients find hidden financial assets to help them address demands for environmental investigations and cleanups. Attendees enjoyed an employer-sponsored lunch while learning more about this aspect of our business.

Although the majority of our employees may not be involved in this part of our company on daily basis, we feel it is important for employees to possess an understanding of every component of what we do. Not only does this ensure that we remain a cohesive team, but also helps everyone to better recognize their own role in the overall business model and see how everything fits together. It is for this reason that we have established the What We Do & How We Do It series, which will continue through 2016.