April 13

EnviroForensics’ Remote Work Policy Increases Productivity for Employees

2016 has been an exciting year for EnviroForensics. We celebrated our 20th anniversary April 1st, and this summer, we anticipate the completion of our new downtown Indianapolis headquarters. We have also begun new employee-focused initiatives. Our talented employees are the major force behind our success, and we want to ensure that the EnviroForensics Team remains as engaged and efficient as possible.

One such program that began in January was our remote work policy. This allows our technical staff to schedule two to four days per month to focus on complex writing, communication or analytical assessment activities in a suitable remote environment, free of common office distractions. Although we had never offered remote work options before, employees had shared their strong interest in such a program, and we were eager to make this happen for them.

So far, our remote work policy has been a success! Employees have expressed that the program has enabled them to be more productive by allowing them to work in a distraction-free setting when completing major writing or analytical tasks. They have enjoyed the flexibility this option provides. Not only has productivity increased, but employee satisfaction has grown even more.

At EnviroForensics, we know that our employees are the key to our success. Our staff of engineers and scientists are some of the best in the industry, and we are constantly seeking ways to help them further develop in their skills and conduct the best work that they can. We take their feedback seriously, which has helped us to better serve their needs and launch programs such as the remote work policy.