June 25

EnviroForensics Joins IDEM’s Pollution Prevention Program

EnviroForensics’ Senior Project Manager, R. Scott Powell, PE (second from left) accepts a framed copy of the Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention pledge, following the company’s induction. Also pictured (from left): IDEM Assistant Commissioner Julia Wickard, Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention Executive Director, Ben McKnight, and IDEM Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Robert Lugar.

Cleaning up contamination and protecting the environment is one of EnviroForensics’ missions, and for our employees, that mission goes beyond the job description. Protecting the environment drives how we conduct ourselves in our lives and habits. On June 12, EnviroForensics pledged to implement voluntary environmental initiatives at all our offices, share information and expertise with other businesses, foster environmental stewardship among our employees, and help raise public awareness. EnviroForensics is proud to join the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s (IDEM) Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention program. The members are comprised of Indiana industries, businesses, and nonprofit organizations that volunteer for a public-private partnership with the IDEM. Each member takes the Partners Pledge to affirm their commitment to promote pollution prevention and environmental stewardship. The partner members engage in environmental stewardship within their business by promoting practices, procedures, and plans that aim to achieve measurable reductions of pollution.

As an environmental engineering firm, EnviroForensics creates healthier community through remediating and removing environmental contaminants. And by taking the Partners Pledge, we are committed to implementing practices and procedures that can lead to even better outcomes for the environment. 

As part of our pledge to raise awareness, we are sharing our internal procedures and best practices for reducing waste and our carbon footprint. 

6 Ways to Be an Environmental Steward

1. Recycling

We have clearly marked recycling bins in every common space in our office. Next to each recycling bin is a list of items that can be recycled for the purpose of continuing education. We also collaborate with the Indiana Recycling Coalition for recycling training seminars.

2. Paperless document prep and delivery

We are consistently refining our own approaches and encouraging regulatory agencies in using digital preparation and submittal methods to reduce the amount of paper used during project report submittals, which also reduces fuel consumption that would have otherwise been used to deliver the documents. Additionally, we recycle and shred our used paper, and have saved roughly 39 trees so far this year.

3. Reducing the generation of investigatory waste

We manage project implementation with an emphasis on reducing the generation of investigatory waste while maintaining remedial objectives. This is implemented through the refined boring selection to reduce the number of borings required at a site, and the implementation of the most appropriate drilling methods that will reduce waste generation.

4. Implementing appropriate site controls to prevent the release of contaminants during remediation

Environmental remediation can be the destruction and/or removal of contaminants from impacted media. We pride ourselves on designing and implementing efficient remedial systems that remediate the target media with minimal generation of waste. This is implemented through reuse of system components and includes research and identification of expendable components that are environmentally friendly upon expiration.

5. Partnering with a local high school

EnviroForensics has an outreach program with Herron High School that includes regular educational workshops at our office. Pollution prevention and remediation issues are discussed, and best practices are identified to educate the students.

6. Neighborhood Cleanup Days

EnviroForensics organizes neighborhood cleanup days to pick up discarded waste in the streets, parking lots, and blocks around each office. It shows that we take pride in keeping our corner of the neighborhood clean, and we hope it inspires others to do the same.

At EnviroForensics, we deeply understand the importance of sustainable business practices and encourage everyone to implement these practices in your own businesses and homes.  

For tips on reducing waste, check out our 10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Plastic Pollution blog post. 

Take the pledge to reduce pollution

Help protect the environment in Indiana. The Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention program provides its members with a forum to network with other businesses, share their pollution prevention experiences and ideas, and discuss member integration into IDEM’s environmental policies and programs. 

Learn more about how your company or organization can join the Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention Program.