January 13

Contamination Cleanup—Without the Mess

Cleaning up contamination at the site of your business can be a daunting prospect. In addition to concerns about the associated costs, worries about how the cleanup process will affect your business also arise. Questions come up such as: “Can I remain open while cleanup is occurring?” “Will I lose customers?” “Will it affect my workers?”

EnviroForensics considers these top-level concerns as we conduct environmental investigations and remediation for our clients. We strive to create as little interference in our clients’ business operations as possible while we handle environmental contamination. There are several examples of clients we have assisted in this way.

A recent example is Mercury Cleaners, a dry cleaner client of ours in Valparaiso, Indiana that is undergoing a soil and groundwater contamination cleanup while remaining open. Norman, Linda and Brett Dygert, the owners of Mercury Cleaners, received a notice of liability from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) after testing discovered perchloroethylene (PERC) in the soil and groundwater on a nearby property. EnviroForensics was able to work with the Dygerts and IDEM to create a remediation plan that allows Mercury Cleaners to remain open while remediation occurs.  Active cleanup is underway without business interruptions.

Klinke Cleaners is another client of ours who was able to conduct normal business operations while we dealt with contamination on one of their properties. Our team drilled for soil samples, collected vapor samples, and installed a vapor mitigation system beneath the building without disrupting our client’s workers or customers. We successfully addressed contamination on the property and obtained a regulatory site closure for the dry cleaner, all while ensuring that our client was able to run their business as usual.

Yet another example is a client of ours who is the owner of a former manufacturing facility turned furniture showroom. Historical operations from past owners caused a release of chlorinated solvents in the soil and groundwater, which migrated to other properties. To protect our client’s newly renovated showroom, our staff isolated the work area while messy subsurface investigation processes were underway. Our staff made sure that all contaminated soils and water produced during the process were quickly gathered and carefully contained.

EnviroForensics understands that, as a business owner, it is important to you that your business remain viable while contamination issues are addressed. Although it may seem like the remediation process would be disruptive and harmful to your business, we make it our priority to keep you in business while fulfilling our promise to help you deal with environmental liabilities.