May 09

EnviroForensics eases concern of neighbors at Vista Cleaners remediation in Mooresville

One of EnviroForensics’ strong points is expertly handling remediation in a crowded environment.

Recently, an EnviroForensics field team lead by Keith Gaskill and consisting of Will Garnes, Jan Schimmelmann and Annie Bierma conducted a remediation of a drycleaning solvent known as tetrachloroethene (PCE) from beneath Vista Cleaners and surrounding properties in Mooresville, IN. We were working for the owner — who complied with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (DEM) Voluntary Remediation Program — after purchasing the property previously known as Crest Cleaners.

After a period of investigation and characterization of the release, EnviroForensics injected chemicals which enhance a natural process called reductive dechlorination where microbes in the ground break down the solvents into nonhazardous compounds.  The injected materials included food-grade lactates and fats with an iron reducing solution as wells as more of the microbes to assure complete breakdown.

There was some inconvenience to motorists as a lane of Mooresville’s South Indiana Street was closed for two days — of the 3 1/2 week project — to make way for drilling and injection.

Nearby residents and business owners were concerned about safety and traffic flow, as would be expected, but the EnviroForensics team went out of their way to keep them in the loop on the project’s progress.

Calvin Kelly conducted a phone interview with Mekayla Yohe, a newspaper reporter. The story in the print edition of the Mooresville-Decatur Times reassured readers of the safety and long-term benefits of remediating the site.

Bruce and James Marine co-own the property. Bruce Marine says, “Investigating the issues and developing a plan has been a long process but one we undertook willingly because it was the right thing to do.”  Starting the cleanup is a big step and we are looking forward to the positive outcome,”

This Vista Cleaners is a drop site and dry cleaning solvents are no longer used at this location.