About EnviroForensics®

EnviroForensics® is an environmental consulting and engineering firm comprised of experienced engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, scientists, and insurance archeologists. We’re experts in remediating environmental issues and finding the funds to pay for it. 

We provide specialized environmental consulting services to property and business owners, attorneys, municipalities, developers, banks, private equity firms, brokers, and responsible parties across the agribusiness, dry cleaning, industrial launders and textiles, legal, manufacturing, mergers and acquisitions, petroleum, and real estate industries. 

As the nation’s leader in applying historical coverage towards environmental liability, we solve challenging problems involving political, technical, regulatory, legal, and financial issues. We do this by conducting confidential insurance archeology® to locate historical insurance policies that can fund the cost of legal defense against third-party liabilities, and environmental investigation and remediation. 

At EnviroForensics, we turn environmental liabilities into assets® through the best science and the best strategy™. We rely on each other’s strengths, are bound by promises and keep our eyes forward through business-oriented strategies to protect the long-term interests of our clients. We’re frequent contributors of thought leadership to national publications and conferences. We serve the North American territory with offices throughout the country.


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