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Turning Environmental Liabilities Into Assets ®

We offer full environmental engineering services that include consulting on how to find funds for your site investigation, clean up and legal defense.

If you are a business owner, property owner, investor or representative for someone with a bottom line that’s being threatened by contamination, this website is the best place to start finding answers. Or just call us at 866.888.7911.

With Vapor Intrusion (VI) as one of today’s most pressing regulatory issues, businesses need expert consultants who know how to restore property values with sensible, fair risk-based assessments and clean up.

Ask one of the 70 drycleaners we’ve helped in just the last two years!

We work harder than anyone else to resolve the complex environmental issues that involve banks, lenders, buyers, sellers, regulatory agencies, lawyers and municipalities. With business-oriented strategies, solutions can benefit property owners, businesses, municipalities as well as the insurance companies who have funds that can help.

An experienced, talented team of engineers and scientists work together under dynamic leadership to provide technical data and strategic plans for Site Investigation and Remediation, Legal Support and Resource Management.


Soil and groundwater remediation | Perchloroethylene | PERC | Vapor Intrusion | Insurance Archeology