Wayne Fassbender, PG, PMP

Wayne Fassbender is a Registered Professional Geologist and Certified Project Management Professional with over 23 years of environmental consulting experience. He specializes in providing cost effective solutions to the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites, but also has extensive experience providing a variety of environmental services to industrial, commercial, municipal, and governmental clients. These services include: Phase I, Phase II, and Baseline environmental real estate assessments to limit environmental liability under the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation Liability Act (CERCLA); Environmental Assessments (EA) according to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA); ground water aquifer characterizations; hard rock and sand and gravel quarry expansion explorations and permitting; treatment, storage, and disposal (TSD) facility permitting under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA); underground and aboveground storage tank management; hazardous materials assessments; risk assessment and closure of unlicensed hazardous waste landfills; and a variety of regulatory compliance services. Mr. Fassbender has performed these services in several locations including Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Vermont, Idaho, and Tennessee under the regulatory standards and guidance specific to each State.

Email: wfassbender@enviroforensics.com
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