Navigating the Environmental Due Diligence and Investigation Process in SBA Lending

Written by Darci Thomas Cummings, L.P.G., Project Manager, EnviroForensics.

As seen in the November 2011 issue of Cleaner & Launderer.

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If you are currently considering purchasing a commercial property, expanding your existing business, or are in the market to sell your current business or commercial property, you have likely considered the lending opportunities available in today’s challenging economy.  Borrowing options became limited as small business and business banking lending came to a near grinding halt in 2008.  In September of this year, 13 major U.S. banks pledged to increase government-backed Small Business Administration (SBA) small business lending by $20 billion over the next three years in an attempt to stimulate the economy.  In addition, local banks, regional banks, and even credit unions have begun taking advantage of SBA loan programs as a means of extending lending options to small business owners.  If you choose to secure financing through an SBA loan program, you may face challenging environmental due diligence and environmental investigation requirements for your business venture.  Continue reading “Navigating the Environmental Due Diligence and Investigation Process in SBA Lending”

Conducting Site Characterizations

Written by Stephen Henshaw, P.G., President and CEO, EnviroForensics
As Published in Western Cleaner & Launderer.

In past articles, we discussed the difference between Phase I and Phase II investigations.  A Phase I generally refers to a due diligence evaluation that address the past land uses of a property or group of properties.  A Phase II generally includes an initial or preliminary investigation to determine whether or not the soil, soil gas or groundwater beneath the subject site is contaminated with metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons (solvents) or other chemicals of concern, based on the past land uses. Continue reading “Conducting Site Characterizations”