Finding Gold In Discarded Policies

By Neela Eyunni
As Published in Law Week Colorado, Sept. 1, 2008, Vol. 6, No. 35

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DENVER—Archeologist David O’Neill meticulously sifts trough historical artifacts in an attempt to reconstruct the past, O’Neill, however, isn’t searching for fossils or prehistoric creatures. Instead, he’s looking for old insurance policies.

O’Neill is the director of Policy Find, an insurance “archeology” firm that recovers lost insurance policies to provide indemnity for clients struggling with long-term claims, various state courts have evolved to revive general and product liability insurance policies that were once considered expired, said O’Neill.
“These lost or discarded policies have he potential to fund costly environmental investigations or pay product liability defense costs, often saving corporate and small business policyholders from economic ruin,” he said. Continue reading “Finding Gold In Discarded Policies”

Claim Digger

Written by Scott Olson
Published in IBJ Article August 25-31, 2008 Vol 29 No. 25

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Like an archeologist combing through artifacts of the ancient past. O’Neill labors to construct liability insurance policies once considered expired. They often are as valuable as lost treasures-funding expensive environmental investigations or paying product liability defense costs, and ultimately saving corporate and small business policyholders from economic ruin. Continue reading “Claim Digger”