State Level Environmental Enforcement During Periods of Economic Downturn

Written By Stephen Henshaw, P.G., President and CEO, EnviroForensics
As seen in the July 2010 issue of Cleaner & Launderer.

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The current state of the economy affects so many areas of our lives, but one that isn’t talked about much is how the current hiring freezes imposed by almost every state environmental agency impacts environmental cleanups.  It is safe to say that the state-level regulatory agencies are not hiring new staff to handle environmental cleanups.  While this may initially sound like a good thing in that dry cleaners may feel they have some breathing room from the long arm of the law, I see it a differently.   

In general, the environmental regulations continue to get tougher and the acceptable levels of chemical constituents allowed to remain in soil, vapor and groundwater continue to be lowered.  Because many sites take a long period of time before they are cleaned up to acceptable levels and “closed”, the project managers working for local, state, and federal regulatory agencies continue to get more and more sites that they are responsible for managing.  Their workload continues to increase in volume and the piles of reports and work plans they are to review keep growing. Continue reading “State Level Environmental Enforcement During Periods of Economic Downturn”