Stephen R. Henshaw, PG

Entrepreneur and expert on environmental liability, Steve Henshaw has 30 years saving transactions by compelling carriers to cover legal cleanup costs for site owners. Henshaw holds professional geology registrations in numerous states. As the Founder of EnviroForensics & PolicyFind, Henshaw has served as a client and technical manager on over 350 projects associated with site characterization, remedial design, remedial implementation and operation, litigation support and insurance coverage matters. These projects include landfills, solvent and petroleum refineries, foundries, metal plating shops, food processors, wood treating facilities, chemical manufacturers and distributors, mines and quarries, heavy equipment manufacturers, computer manufacturers, and transporters. He has experience in a variety of geological settings including soft sediments, fractured bedrock, glacial outwash, wetlands, and landslides. Henshaw’s expertise includes a strong knowledge of past and current industry practices and procedures, and a hands-on, practical understanding of the fate and transport of contaminants in soil and groundwater. He has also served as a testifying expert on liability issues on behalf of individual landowners and facility operators at several sites impacted by industrial activities and continues to provide technical and litigation support services.

Articles by Steve Henshaw: