Nancy Shields

Nancy Shields brings a vast array of marketing and sales experience to her leadership role at EnviroForensics. She spent more than 19 years in the legal publishing industry with a special emphasis on legal research and law department technology. During this time, Ms. Shields worked as a sales consultant, calling on attorneys in corporate legal departments, law firms of all sizes and federal, state and county government. At various times in her career she consulted with state and federal courts, government agencies and county courthouse libraries concerning their legal research needs. Her background includes consulting in the area of banking compliance, insurance compliance, government affairs and  risk management departments for corporate customers selling regulatory and statutory compliance tools as well as materials to conduct due diligence.  In addition to her responsibilities overseeing the day-to-day operations of EnviroForensics, Ms. Shields participates in Vistage, a global organization of peer-to-peer networking for CEOs and CCOs of mid-sized companies, helping Ms. Shields stay at the front of the pack as President. In Ms. Shields’ 10 year tenure with EnviroForensics, the company has grown from a company of ten employees to a company with over seventy full-time employees housed in four separate locations and an eye on further expansion.

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