Keith Gaskill, LPG

Mr. Gaskill is a consulting scientist 17+ years’ experience in the industry. He has performed project tasks such as site investigations for a variety of property management and property sales issues; UST/AST investigation and removal; petroleum pipeline and bulk storage response and remediation, site investigation/remediation at drycleaner facilities in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana; computer modeling of groundwater systems and geochemical fate and transport; mechanical remediation system conceptual design and implementation; pilot testing and remediation feasibility studies; expert witness services; extensive site investigation and delineation studies using traditional and TRIAD methodology; various types of hydrogeologic testing such as slug testing and pump testing; operation and data management of Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) and mobile lab technologies; correspondence with clients, attorneys, and regulators; management of multiple sites for major oil companies, drycleaners, and miscellaneous industry; investigation and remediation of multiple contaminants including petroleum, solvents, heavy metals, PCBs, insecticides/pesticides, and acids/caustics.  More recently, Mr. Gaskill has developed a specialization in theoretical and practical applications of various remedial technologies such as enhanced bioremediation, ISCO, ISCR, mechanical, biomechanical, and passive technologies.  Mr. Gaskill also focuses on high data density and high resolution data collection and conceptual site model production.  As a full service environmental consultant and scientist, Mr. Gaskill works hard to provide aggressive and innovative solutions to each project while maintaining strong communication with the client, state regulators and others involved in the project. 

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