Jeff Carnahan, LPG

Jeff Carnahan, EnviroForensics

Jeff Carnahan is a Licensed Professional Geologist (LPG), holds an MS in Geology, and has 24+ years of environmental consulting and remediation experience. Jeff’s expertise has focused on the investigation and interpretation of subsurface releases of hazardous substances for the purpose of evaluating and controlling the risk and cost implications to his clients. Managing sites ranging in size from retail gas stations and dry cleaners to large manufacturing facilities, Jeff has amassed extensive experience working with releases of chlorinated solvents and industrial pollutants within voluntary and enforcement cleanup programs for various State agencies and the U.S. EPA. Additionally, Jeff has 16+ years of experience in the investigation and mitigation of vapor intrusion issues and leads the EnviroForensics team of full-time VI experts. Jeff provides strategic market analysis, corporate risk management, and technical support to the legal community. He’s served as a consulting and testifying expert regarding cause origin, timing, cost of environmental releases, and cost recovery claims on behalf of insurance policyholders. He is an industry leader in understanding that environmental risk includes not only cleanup costs, but also known and unknown third-party liability. 

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