Jason Blasdel

Mr. Blasdel has over 5 years of experience in environmental consulting.  He has been involved in subsurface investigation and remediation of projects primarily involving chlorinated solvent and petroleum impacts.  His professional experience includes due diligence, historical document research, proposal scoping and budgeting, work plan preparation, compliance, remediation, geologic and hydrogeologic data collection, data analysis and interpretation, site-specific health and safety plan preparation, and preparation of regulatory investigative reports.  Mr. Blasdel’s field experience includes site investigations for property transactions; plume delineation and remediation at drycleaner/chlorinated solvent facilities; investigation, delineation, and remediation of petroleum impacted facilities; and investigation and delineation of heavy metals facilities.  He has provided oversight during remedial plan implementation for a variety of remediation techniques including soil excavation, enhanced anaerobic bioremediation, multi-phase extraction systems, and sub-slab depressurization systems.  Mr. Blasdel also has experience in vapor intrusion assessments, aquifer testing, and groundwater flow modeling.

Email: jblasdel@enviroforensics.com
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