Dru Shields

Ms. Shields has over 8 years of sales and marketing experience in the environmental consulting and engineering industry. She manages a team of sales professionals who work in Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Georgia. Ms. Shields is a member of numerous regional dry cleaning associations in addition to serving on the board of the Midwest Drycleaning and Laundry Institute (MWDLI), which covers Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Ms. Shields has extensive experience in assisting clients in securing funding for their projects through historical insurance policies. In her role as a Sales Representative, Ms. Shields has helped several business and property owners facing regulatory action navigate and manage their liability. 

During her previous role as Marketing Coordinator for EnviroForensics, she was integral in implementing various marketing initiatives, including but not limited to Social Media campaigns, website redesign, and initiation of a Search Engine Optimization strategy. 

Ms. Shields also participates in a local Toastmasters club, which helps to expand her communication and leadership skills. Ms. Shields has presented to a number of different industries, including Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Economic Development Personnel, Business Owners, and Property Owners.