Andrew D. Horwath, PE

Andrew Horwath has 13+ years of experience in the environmental consulting industry with his main areas of expertise being remediation of petroleum and chlorinated solvents. He has directed numerous subsurface investigations of varying size and scope to delineate soil and groundwater impacts at facilities impacted with a wide range of contaminants. Horwath has experience in all phases of remediation including performing feasibility studies, pilot testing, remedial design, implementation, and oversight of mechanical remediation system operations & maintenance. In recent years, more attention has been given to the vapor exposure pathway and long-term stewardship by state regulators and the EPA. Consequently, Horwath has directed numerous vapor intrusion investigations, designed remediation strategies to address the vapor intrusion pathway, and designed sub-slab depressurization vapor mitigation systems as engineering controls for residences, large industrial buildings, and schools. In addition, Horwath has independently prepared numerous long-term stewardship assessments and expert witness reports for clients, including full evaluation of remediation and monitoring costs and strategies.

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