Old Insurance Policies Can’t Hide From Us!

PolicyFind™ provides the expertise you need to find your organization’s historic insurance assets. Our team of insurance archaeology professionals has decades of experience identifying and locating lost or mislaid liability insurance policies for policyholders. Our record is unsurpassed in succeeding on our clients’ behalf.

PolicyFind™ conducts Confidential Insurance Archeology® for property and business owners, municipalities, churches, and a variety of other policyholders. We work in the United States and Canada to locate and retrieve lost or misplaced insurance documents and to assemble them into complete insurance histories that can be used by clients, carriers, and lawyers.

PolicyFind™ also assists policyholders who have already spent their own funds to address liabilities. Whenever possible, we work to recover expenses relating to environmental remediation, product recalls and other expenditures made before the policyholder could access his historic coverage.

Insurance Archeology Services

Below: Approximation of the total amount of useable insurance assets we’ve uncovered.