Indianapolis Parks Foundation

The Indianapolis Parks Foundation (IPF) was founded in 1991 with the goal of growing the recreational, educational and cultural life of the city by generating support for the community’s park system. The not-for-profit organization aims to make parks in Indianapolis spaces that everyone in the community can appreciate and enjoy.

Although Indy Parks itself is funded by tax dollars, additional support is needed to sustain and grow the city’s park system. That’s where the Indianapolis Parks Foundation comes in. IPF works to gain private funding for the parks system that is used for land acquisition, parks programs, capital improvements and maintenance.

Individuals, corporations and foundations have donated more than $30 million to the Parks Foundation since its founding. In July 2000, the organization became a supporting organization of the Central Indiana Community Foundation, an organization that works to make Central Indiana a welcoming and attractive home for families, college graduates, successful professionals and business owners alike. Steve Henshaw, President and CEO of EnviroForensics, is on the board for the Parks Foundation.

EnviroForensics has used one of IPF’s flagship projects, the Indy Urban Acres (pictured right), to serve as one of the company’s focal community outreach programs. EnviroForensics’ staff invest time on the 8-acre urban farm, where 100% of the produce harvested is donated to food banks for the benefit of our local community in need.