Risk Communication

EnviroForensics’ team of professionals provide risk communication services. In certain situations releases of toxic chemicals to the environment may result in health risks to nearby residents, workers or the general public.  In fact, most of today’s regulations for environmental cleanup are specifically focused on reducing contaminants to below levels that are safe for human health.  After a release has occurred and before cleanup has been complete, people may be exposed to toxic chemicals at concentrations higher than levels considered safe by EPA toxicologists and risk assessors. Risk Communication is the process of sharing this information between the parties who are at risk of exposure, the party who is responsible for cleaning up the release, and the regulators.

EnviroForensics is a liaison to exposed or potentially exposed members of the public.  From experience we know that the manner in which known or potential risk is communicated to all concerned parties can make a significant impact in its ultimate effectiveness. That is why EnviroForensics delivers communication in a timely, reliable and targeted method. Emphasis is placed on developing and maintaining key relationships and managing prospective and imminent risks. EnviroForensics provides reassurance through engaging all stakeholders early in the process. Our team recognizes the importance of frank, candid and constructive interaction among stakeholders.

EnviroForensics specializes in preparing for and performing sensitive communications meetings with members of the public.  Our Risk Communications specialists are experienced and expert in compassionate active listening and conveying risks in a manner that can be easily understood by the public.

EnviroForensics’ Risk Communications services:

  • Requesting and coordinating access to off-site properties for sampling purposes
  • Explaining analytical results to potentially exposed persons
  • Conducting meetings with multiple parties to answer questions pertaining to exposure or spread of contamination
  • Interacting with local municipal, environmental and health departments
  • Managing media issues

Risk Assessor
Midwest, East Coast & South East

Megan Hamilton

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