Operation and Maintenance

EnviroForensics’ professionals have over 30 years of experience in the design, construction, and the operation and maintenance of a variety of facilities including large remediation systems and wastewater treatment facilities. Highly qualified project teams are experienced in system design and operational controls that provides continuity throughout the design, construction and system oversight (functional, performance, and startup) for successful on-going operation and maintenance programs.

Primary Service Areas

  • Development of Operation and Maintenance Programs
  • Advisory and Training
  • Management of Operation and Maintenance Services

Developing Operation and Maintenance Programs and Manuals

EnviroForensics staff members have extensive experience in the development of Operation and Maintenance Programs and associated program manuals. Working with equipment vendors and a client’s Operation and Maintenance staff, EnviroForensics develops a practical user-friendly program to keep the system in optimal performance while meeting strict regulatory guidelines. Manuals typically contain information on normal operations, abnormal conditions, special conditions and emergency response procedures.

Advisory and Training

Advisory and Training services are identified at the conception of each project and are implemented during the design and construction phases. On-going monitoring and auditing services continually evaluate the effectiveness of Operation and Maintenance programs. Monitoring can begin on a continuous basis then decrease to routine technical and management audit visits scheduled at agreed upon intervals for reporting requirements and system optimization. Staff members coordinate and conduct Training for client management and staff personnel. Training covers system maintenance activities and milestones so that personnel understand all system components and operational aspects of the program. Throughout the program implementation, EnviroForensics engineers work alongside client personnel in order to successfully achieve the program objectives and goals. Engineers also train client personnel in environmental and permitting requirements including health and safety measures, risk management planning, and emergency responses.

Management of Operation and Maintenance

Management of Operations and Maintenance by EnviroForensics provides the client with experienced professional staff that can undertake all or part of the daily operation of the treatment systems. Maintenance services may be contracted to EnviroForensics. EnviroForensics can also assume responsibility for the total operation of the treatment system maintenance. During the period of the contract, EnviroForensics employs all operating personnel, assumes full responsibility for the satisfactory performance of the system and associated liability, and has responsibility for the transfer back of the system in a satisfactory condition to the client. In addition to having professional Errors and Emissions liability insurance, EnviroForensics maintains Pollution Liability Insurance.

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