Manufacturing, in its different forms and by its vary nature, is no stranger to environmental contamination. Many historical manufacturing operations, such as parts degreasing and metal finishing, used chlorinated solvents and heavy metals, which may have ultimately migrated into the soil and groundwater.

The need to address environmental contamination may be associated with bank refinancing, a property transaction, a regulatory action or the desire to not straddle the family with environmental liabilities.

EnviroForensics has made it their business to help you with yours. We specialize in not only fixing environmental problems, but in finding the funding necessary to clean up contamination. EnviroForensics is comprised of a team of expert engineers and geologists who have extensive expertise in the remediation of soil and groundwater contamination as well as Vapor Intrusion (VI) issues caused by these specific types of pollutants.

In addition to EnviroForensics’ environmental expertise, we have pioneered the process of locating and leveraging old insurance policies. We have successfully used our client’s old insurance policies, common comprehensive general liability (CGL) insurance policies, to pay for site investigation and cleanups, and the legal fees at hundreds of sites.

EnviroForensics provides solutions that are tailored to a client’s individual facts and circumstances, and we pride ourselves in ensuring our clients are taken care of with the highest degree of science and professionalism. EnviroForensics turns environmental liabilities into assets.®

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