Program Management

Our expert team of engineers, scientists, designers and program managers have the experience and capabilities to meet a client’s multi-project needs. EnviroForensics Program Management combines the ability and technical resources to define, plan, implement and integrate every aspect of a client’s projects. Clients benefit from a single point of management responsibility for planning, design, permitting, compliance, construction and ongoing operations. Success in Program Management depends upon building close working relationships with clients. Clients benefit from the convenience and cost-effectiveness of having expertise and services under one roof, which allows for immediate lines of communication and rapid response.

Benefits of Program Management

  • A highly qualified team focused on the program’s mission and goals
  • Continuity throughout the program’s lifecycle
  • Flexible access to a wealth of professional and specialized resources
  • Accelerated schedules and comprehensive financial controls

Primary Service Areas

  • Planning
  • Siting
  • Permitting
  • Engineering Management


Program Management is defined as the coordinated management of a portfolio of projects to achieve a set of business objectives or one specific objective. Program Management can also be conducted for one very large project. Senior staff members, with more than 20 years experience in managing diversified projects, assist clients in managing several projects or in managing a single large project from the Program Planning stage to successful execution of the program within a planned budget and schedule in order to accomplish set goals and objectives.


Large programs involving facility design and construction require selection of a proper site. EnviroForensics has considerable experience in siting waste management and energy generation facilities. Evaluation and economic analysis of a candidate site rely on the systematic application of selection criteria to define site geology, evaluate the potential for negative environmental impacts, and identify other development constraints.


Permitting is an extremely important task in all programs and projects. Environmental, construction, operation, and a variety of additional permits are required to construct and operate projects. The EnviroForensics staff is well versed in permitting requirements for power generation and waste handling facilities. Having accumulated thousands of hours of experience in negotiating permits and providing required information to various federal, state and local agencies, EnviroForensics serves as agency liaison for clients. Permitting expertise covers many types of water, air and land permits.

Engineering Management

Engineering Management involves clearly defining the scope of work for the entire program, developing packages to implement the program, identifying reputed and experienced engineering firms to perform engineering tasks for the packages developed, developing specifications and bid documents, bidding and selecting engineering firms to perform the work, providing oversight and QA/QC for the work performed by engineering firms, controlling budgets and schedules, approving payments, and coordinating engineering work undertaken by the selected engineering team. EnviroForensics’ senior engineers have experience managing multi-million-dollar projects with numerous engineering firms, equipment vendors and contractors.

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