Confidential Insurance Archeology


Insurance archeology is the process of locating and reconstructing historical insurance coverage to find funds that help pay for environmental cleanup and legal defense against liabilities. Insurance archeology brings to light historical insurance coverage and past owners and operators who may have contributed to or caused contamination. By understanding the historical land use and insurance coverage, can limit the liability of individuals and their carriers, and initiate coverage from additional policies, which creates a complete insurance portfolio of assets that can be assembled to create a larger reservoir of monies for equitable allocation. 

Our insurance archeology division, PolicyFind™, boasts over an 85% success rate in locating historical insurance policies. PolicyFind maintains a large specimen policy library, researches data services, and performs physical investigations to follow leads and locate evidence of old insurance and other potentially responsible parties. Insurance archeologists reconstruct the responsible party’s historical insurance coverage, so the regulatory claim can be tendered to insurance carriers. Insurance archeology can be the additional funding resource needed to complete environmental cleanup and/or redevelopment and be used for cost recovery and policy buyback evaluation. 

Confidential insurance archeology is how we’re able to help you pay for environmental investigation, cleanup, and legal defense with minimal out-of-pocket expenses.

Service Tiers

PolicyFind’s expedited standardized insurance research product is a fast and affordable baseline effort that helps establish if evidence of historical insurance coverage exists for liability issues. It provides clients a quick understanding of the potential outcome of a larger investigative endeavor.

PolicyFind’s full-scale insurance archeology services locate insurance evidence to enhance known coverage, reconstruct corporate histories, and identify and locate other responsible parties. PolicyFind uses an effective combination of computer-based research, personal interviews, and boots-on-the-ground investigative techniques to gather leads and track down the evidence needed to reconstruct our client’s insurance coverage portfolio. PolicyFind has one of the largest specimen policy libraries to ground-truth evidence of coverage and helps reconstruct potentially missing portions of policies. PolicyFind’s coverage charts depict which policies were in place during each policy period to determine insurance claims options.

What our Clients Say

“When old insurance policies are brought to the light of day, they put small business owners on the same playing fields as governments and companies with deep resources.”

Ice Miller LLP


Meet our Managing Director of PolicyFind

Our insurance archeologists can explain how you can use yesterday’s policies to pay for today’s environmental work and legal defense.