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EnviroForensics is a long standing and active member of dry cleaner trade organizations that include DLI (National Fabricare), MWDLA, WFI, SEFA, SoCal, CCA, and RMFA.  EnviroForensics is part of the dry cleaning industry so we understand the business and how environmental concerns impact the industry. Stephen R. Henshaw, the CEO and Founder of EnviroForensics, has a monthly column published in the national dry cleaning publication, Cleaner and Launderer. He writes articles for dry cleaners about environmental issues and solutions as well as about the use of historical insurance to fund the investigation and cleanup of contamination. We are the pioneers in the use of historical insurance to fund investigations and remediations.

EnviroForensics is the nation’s leading environmental engineering firm addressing the needs of dry cleaners. By combining innovative environmental Investigation and Remediation techniques with the reconstruction of insurance coverage, EnviroForensics has been successful at restoring value to contaminated sites without creating a financial burden for owners.

EnviroForensics addresses all issues associated with environmental contamination that may include reduced property values, significant costs for site investigation and cleanup, costs for legal defense, regulatory agency compliance, and how to conduct investigations and cleanup without interrupting dry cleaning operations.

EnviroForensics has experience in the investigation and cleanup of over 200 dry cleaning sites. Through their multi-disciplinary team approach of insurance archaeology, environmental/ technical services, and legal support, EnviroForensics has achieved financially successful outcomes for nearly 80 drycleaners in just 2 years. These clients have received insurance company support ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to sometimes millions of dollars to cover the costs of investigating and cleaning up environmental liability. This important process restores value to contaminated properties. Also noteworthy, the daily operations of dry cleaning sites have proceeded without interruption, benefited by EnviroForensics’ non-intrusive Investigation and Remediation techniques.

EnviroForensics locates often overlooked insurance assets associated with the property which can include historical policies from previous owners and operators that may have caused or contributed to environmental contamination. Fulltime investigators search historical records to identify past owners and operators, and to reconstruct insurance coverage. This sharing of liability can reduce the cost of cleanup for owners and their carriers. To learn more about how Insurance Archeology services can be used to fund environmental cleanups, view the Insurance Archeology category in our News section.


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