Senior Engineer

Job Overview

Maintain and uphold, and perform in a manner consistent with, EnviroForensics’ Core Values. Design, implement, evaluate and/or prepare written reports for assigned project remediation phases or tasks as requested by Project Managers, Senior Project Managers or Consulting Group Managers. Continue to develop and expand technical expertise in remedial technologies. Serve project teams as a technical lead and senior resource in fields of demonstrated and developing remedial technologies and approaches. Maintain and modify, as appropriate, company remediation O&M program. Evaluate remediation system data, and determine system performance. Communicate remedial system O&M status and performance, as well as recommendations, to project team members. Train and mentor staff on remediation O&M. Communicate O&M program progress and needs to the Technical Group Manager, and Directors/Executive Management, as appropriate. Manage all assigned project technical tasks in a timely and profitable manner. The Primary Objective of this position will be achieved by meeting or exceeding all criteria set-forth below in the Job Description, Goals and Requirements.

Job Description

  • Report directly to a Technical Group Manager, and to the Director of Technical Services and corporate management, as appropriate.  Position will also work directly with Consulting Group Managers, Senior Project Managers and Project Managers;
  • Evaluate and analyze remedial approach, work scope, budget, and schedule for remediation projects company-wide;
  • Design various remediation systems and approaches;
  • Develop and maintain remediation O&M field forms;
  • Develop Remediation O&M Field Binders, to include applicable remediation system technical specs, vendor manuals, O&M field forms, site O&M field/reporting schedule, etc., for each remediation project;
  • Develop and manage the company remediation O&M schedule;
  • Evaluate data and determine system performance. Develop graphical/tabulated presentations to summarize system data/performance;
  • Arrange weekly meetings with applicable project team members to evaluate system performance, and to modify remediation activities (if necessary). Document all meeting conclusions and recommendations;
  • Assist project teams in the preparation of necessary Quarterly Remediation O&M Reports (or other required reports);
  • Continually refine and standardize Quarterly Remediation O&M Report format;
  • Arrange quarterly meetings with Senior PMs and Technical Group Manager to review remediation O&M budgets;
  • Communicate remediation progress and O&M data with project stakeholders on a regular basis.
  • Assess, revise, and develop chargeable rates for company-owned remediation equipment and materials;
  • Provide vendor/contractor recommendations to Technical Group Manager and Directors;
  • Communicate resource/staffing needs and recommendations for O&M Activities to Technical Group Manager and Directors;
  • Train and mentor staff on data collection, sampling, system O&M, etc.;
  • Evaluate and assess project-related information and data, as assigned;
  • Meet prescribed goals for Senior Engineer;
  • Maintain accountability for all budgetary and technical aspects of assigned project O&M tasks;
  • Interact and communicate effectively with all project team members;
  • Propose, implement, and/or oversee field activities related to project technical phases managed, as necessary;
  • Maintain an in-depth understanding of applicable regulations, statutes and non-rule policy guidance for State and Federal regulatory programs, and ensure that project objectives comply accordingly;
  • Continue to develop technical skills in areas of expertise in remedial technologies, and stay abreast of innovative and new methods and technologies;
  • Review, approve and maintain primary accountability for all technical documents associated with assigned projects in accordance with the EnviroForensics Style Guide, and effectively implement and enforce the Document Review Policy; and
  • Prepare reports, documents, and/or field activities, as necessary.

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All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.