Insurance Archeology

Confidential Insurance Archeology®

EnviroForensics, along with their insurance archeology division, PolicyFind™, restores financial viability to contaminated properties by conducting searches for historical insurance that may cover costs associated with contamination.

Historical insurance policies are valuable assets for business and property owners. They can be worth millions of dollars and can help pay for environmental site investigations, cleanups and legal fees. They can also protect the policyholder from lawsuits and administrative orders, and in many cases, can be worth cash. If there is one action all business owners, large or small should do, it is to find and securely store all business and personal insurance policies.

A business or property owner can be held liable for environmental contamination years after the business or property has been sold. Environmental liability is retroactive and the liability of environmental contamination stays attached to the property as it is sold, reducing its market value. Fortunately, historical insurance coverage also remains with the property.

PolicyFind has a success rate that is unsurpassed by competitors at finding policies or evidence of historical insurance. Our vast library of specimen forms and documents, along with our knowledge of how the insurance industry operates, enables us to unravel and defend the most complex matters. Market value for contaminated properties is oftentimes enhanced by PolicyFind through historical insurance recovery and EnviroForensics after the environmental cleanup is done.

EnviroForensics Works with Insurance Carriers

EnviroForensics is unlike any other environmental engineering firm. EnviroForensics conducts Confidential Insurance Archeology® for property and business owners, attorneys, municipalities and insurance companies. Historical insurance archeology retraces the genealogy of historical insurance coverage to identify past owners and operators who may have contributed or caused contamination. This rebuilding of historical land use and insurance coverage can limit the liability of individual clients and their carriers, and can also initiate coverage from additional policies, thereby creating a larger reservoir of monies for equitable allocation. All of these services are under one roof, so we understand what it takes to handle all aspects of our client’s situation.

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Insurance Archeology Testimonials

“Finding the insurance was a huge relief, my dad and my mom (former owners of College Dry Cleaner) were ill but still living in our family home. If EnviroForensics’ PolicyFind division hadn’t found the insurance, the State of California could have taken everything. My parents would have lost all they had worked for.”

-Barbara Heidinger, Chico, California


“EnviroForensics’ PolicyFind division located coverage from the 1950s and 60s that opened up another avenue of possible insurance recovery for one of our clients to explore.”

-Damian Arguello, Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP


“When old insurance policies are brought to the light of day, they put small business owners on the same playing fields as governments and companies with deep resources.”

-Brent Huber, Ice Miller LLP


“We had some information the coverage existed, but EnviroForensics’ PolicyFind division was able to find and assemble the old policies. Proceeds from the company’s old general liability insurance policies funded the cleanup of solvents that had seeped into aquifers decades ago.”

– Greg DeGulis, McMahon DeGulis


Below: Approximation of the total amount of useable insurance assets we’ve uncovered.