Chromium is all around us in useful products such as paint, cement, paper, rubber and stainless steel, so it’s unlikely we could get along without it. But chromium’s potential to cause serious damage to kidneys, lungs, the circulatory system and nerve tissue demands that manufacturers and utility companies — two common large-scale industrial sectors that use chromium — employ skilled environmental remediation engineers to assess risks and design effective abatement programs.

Chromium is a metal found in natural deposits (sometimes soft and sometimes rock-hard) as ores containing other elements. Though it is commonly found in soils and plants, chromium is rare in natural waters. The two largest sources of chromium emission in the atmosphere are from chemical manufacturing and combustion of natural gas, oil and coal. When released, chromium compounds bind to soil and are unlikely to migrate to ground water. But they are very persistent in water as sediments and readily accumulate in aquatic life.

In trace amounts, chromium is beneficial to human health. It reduces the risk of heart disease, monitors blood sugar levels, aids metabolism, and regulates fat and cholesterol. Brewer’s yeast, coffee, tea, cereals, potatoes and peas are among foods containing useful trace amounts.

Congress first took action to reduce harmful amounts of chromium in the environment with the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974, in which the EPA was required to determine safe levels of chemicals in drinking water. EPA scientists set 0.1 parts-per-million as a maximum for chromium. Municipal water utilities achieve the level — if necessary — with conventional filtration and other treatment technologies.

EnviroForensics assesses the risk and assures clients.

Dealing with this type of contamination can certainly be a burden on business owners and can cause financial strain. It is important to choose the right environmental consultant to address this serious issue.

EnviroForensics’ team of environmental experts has the experience and expertise to handle every step of the environmental investigation from the initial response when contamination is found to remediation and cleanup up of contamination. We also realize that investigation and remediation costs can quickly add up and have the potential to cripple a business, and we always look for means of alternative funding. We specialize in finding old insurance policies that can be used for this purpose.

EnviroForensics is known for creating and applying the most advanced technologies to tackle tough industrial pollution remediation problems. We begin by assessing the exact quantity, location and activity level of chromium, and any other pollutant.

Then we design a plan. Our playbook may include waiting or immediate action, and it always includes continued monitoring. And everything is approved by local and state environmental agencies. So clients may breathe easier, literally and figuratively.