A Dry Cleaner’s Guide to Environmental Cleanup

How to use old Insurance to Pay for Environmental Cleanup

In partnership with PDCA, Jeff Carnahan, Dru Shields and Joe Miller of EnviroForensics discussed what you can expect in a dry cleaner’s environmental cleanup, including vapor intrusion, available funding opportunities, and how to get yourself into the driver’s seat. The webinar recording and slides provide a proverbial roadmap for dry cleaners to address their environmental issues while minimizing out-of-pocket expenses.

Grab the slides to:

  • Understand how environmental cleanups are triggered and what you can expect during the cleanup process
  • Learn how to use historical insurance policies to help pay for environmental cleanups
  • Learn how to protect yourself and others from environmental liability when you’re ready to retire or sell your business
  • Get practical tips on how to get started

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You Sold Your Business and You’re in the Clear…..Not So Fast

Written by Steve Henshaw, P.G., President & CEO, EnviroForensics.
As seen in the September 2011 issue of Cleaner & Launderer.

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You worked hard to grow your business and you had the good fortune to sell it for a profit.  You had your lawyer look over the sale contract and you even had the buyer indemnify you for future environmental claims, should they ever arise.  You did everything right and now it’s time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Several years pass and one day you get a letter in the mail.  The letter is sent “certified” and you have to sign for it.  You open the letter, it’s from the state environmental regulatory department informing you that as a past owner and/or operator of the sold business, you are responsible for groundwater contamination. Continue reading “You Sold Your Business and You’re in the Clear…..Not So Fast”

Flexdar Court Sides With Insureds: Reinforces Kiger; Broadens “Ambiguous” Interpretation of Absolute Pollution Exclusion Language

Written by Justin Gifford, J.D., General Counsel, EnviroForensics and PolicyFind

The Indiana Court of Appeals’ November opinion in the recent State Automobile Mutual Insurance Co. v Flexdar, Inc. (Ind. App. 2010) comes as good news to business owners like drycleaners who currently or have historically used tetrachlorethene (perc) or petroleum solvents that may have been released into the environment.  The Appellate Court’s decision re-examined the landmark American States Insurance Co. v. Kiger (662 N.E.2d 945, Ind. 1996) as well as its progeny and found for Flexdar, Inc., the insured.  (Kiger established that the absolute pollution exclusion found in many general commercial liability (GCL) policies is ambiguous and, as a result, ineffective in insulating insurers from their duties to defend and/or indemnify their insureds for claims made by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management that the insureds investigate and clean up releases of perc or other substances into soil and groundwater.)  Continue reading “Flexdar Court Sides With Insureds: Reinforces Kiger; Broadens “Ambiguous” Interpretation of Absolute Pollution Exclusion Language”