How to Select an Environmental Consultant

Written by Steve Henshaw, P.G., President & CEO, EnviroForensics in collaboration with Konrad Banaszak, PhD; CPG-Chief Scientist EnviroForensics
As seen in the November 2009, Western Cleaner and Launderer Issue.

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Selecting an environmental consultant is a business decision that should be more like selecting a personal doctor than selecting where to buy office supplies.  Most consumers of environmental consulting services recognize that this is a complicated and important decision but still find themselves following a “standard” path that leads to “standard” results and “standard” problems – all of which could have be avoided by taking the time to become a better-educated consumer.  This article will go through some of the selection and screening methods that small business owners use when selecting an environmental consultant to address their environmental liabilities. Continue reading “How to Select an Environmental Consultant”

Reaching Into The Past to Pay

Today’s Environmental Compliance Costs: Insurance Archeology for the Laundry Industry

Written by David A. O’Neill, J.D., Director of Investigations, PolicyFind
Published in Laundry Today Jan 2009

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An increasing number of laundries are striving to heighten their ‘green consciousness.’ Many go above and beyond what is necessary for them to maintain environmentally correct facilities. But sometimes, even with the best intentions, a facility can find itself on the wrong side of compliance based upon the actions of companies who previously operated on the land where they are currently located. Continue reading “Reaching Into The Past to Pay”

Korean Article

환경오염 청소와 보험
85년 이전에 세탁소 보험이 있었으면 청소비용 받아낼 수 있어
오래된 세탁소로, 특히 이전에 펄크를 사용했거나 아직 사용하고 있는 업소는 항상 환경오염과 언제 “청소의 책임”을 져야할찌 모르는 불안 속에 살고 있다. 이는 특히 오래된 세탁소 일 수록 더 심하다고 볼 수 있다.
오염청소에 대한 책임은 당연히 오염시킨 사람이 책임을 지는 것이 마땅하나, 현행법는 그렇지 않다. 오염을 시켰던 시키지 않았던, 오염과 관련된 곳 (세탁소)의 현 주인도 책임을 지도록 규정하고 있다. Continue reading “Korean Article”

Finding Funds for Clean Up

Insurance Coverage and State Funds
Published in Fabricare July/August 2008

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With more than 25 years of experience, Stephen Henshaw, President of EnviroForensics®, a national environmental engineering firm specializing in remediation for drycleaners, says that drycleaners in states with or without cleanup funds have viable solutions for finding dollars for cleanup from historical insurance policies. EnviroForensics® operates a customer service department for drycleaners at 1-866-888-7911 with offices nationwide. Continue reading “Finding Funds for Clean Up”

Indiana Dave and the Insurer of Doom

Insurance archaeologist helps keep matters out of litigation

By Dennis Pillsbury

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Anyone who has perused cases involving clean-up of Superfund-identified hazardous waste sites probably winds up shaking his or her head at the complexity of the claims and the often inane resolutions where only the attorneys seem to leave happy. There was one case where a business was required to pay for the clean-up of lead pollution that dated back to a Revolutionary War armory that once occupied the site. Needless to say, that armory was no longer around to help pay for the clean-up. And the pollution had leeched into the ground water. It was not an inexpensive proposition. Continue reading “Indiana Dave and the Insurer of Doom”