Brianne Inman

Ms. Inman has over 7 years of experience in environmental consulting with a focus in investigation and remediation projects primarily involving chlorinated solvent, petroleum, and hexavalent chromium impacts.  Ms. Inman’s experience includes research, proposal scoping and budgeting, project management, compliance, remediation, geologic and hydrogeologic data collection, data analysis and interpretation, and preparation of work plans and investigative reports.  Her previous field experience includes site investigations for property management and property transactions; UST/AST investigation, removal, and remediation; plume delineation and remediation at drycleaner/chlorinated solvent facilities; investigation, delineation, and remediation of petroleum impacted facilities; and investigation and delineation of heavy metals facilities.  She has employed remediation techniques including soil excavation, chemical oxygen injections, multi-phase extraction systems, sub-slab depressurization systems, and is currently working to implement thermal remediation.  Ms. Inman also has experience conducting vapor intrusion assessments and risk-communication with property owners.

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