Megan Hamilton of EnviroForensics’ VI Team to Have Spring 2015 Presentation Series at the AEHS and WGWA Conferences


Enviroforensics Risk Assessor and Vapor Intrusion specialist Megan Hamilton, and the EnviroForensics VI Team, will play an active role in the busy Spring 2015 conference season.  For as long as vapor intrusion has been an industry focus, the Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air presented by the Association for Environmental Health & Sciences Foundation (AEHS) has been the platform for the latest research and policy information to be disseminated.  The AEHS Spring Conference is presented in San Diego, California each March and is attended by an international audience of environmental researchers, practitioners and regulators.  This meeting has also become known, however, for drawing a crowd of the leading experts in vapor intrusion.

On or near the first day of the conference, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has hosted a day-long workshop since 2004 focusing on vapor intrusion research and policy.  During this workshop, EPA’s policy and guidance Headquarters’ officials from the Office of Solid and Waste Emergency Response (OSWER) host a forum for top industry experts in VI to present and discuss latest developments, trends and practical applications of this developing field of science.  While other platform and poster presentations regarding VI occur throughout the remainder of the AEHS Spring conference, this EPA VI Workshop has become the pinnacle of interest for most interested in this field.

Enviroforensics has been presenting their latest VI research findings since 2012 when Jeff Carnahan, Director of Technical Services and VI Expert, gave a platform talk pertaining to defining source area releases of chlorinated solvents using cutting edge soil gas measurement techniques.  Risk Assessor and VI Specialist Megan Hamilton has been involved with the conference since joining the Enviroforensics VI Team in 2013.  This year, Ms. Hamilton will be presenting the results of recent Enviroforensics VI research regarding chlorinated solvents in two presentations during the conference: Case Study – Passive TO-17 Indoor Air Sample Results Compared to TO-15 Indoor Air Summa Canister Sample Results over a 6 Month Time Period; and Evaluation of Observed VI Attenuation Factors and Exposure for 50 Commercial Facilities in the Midwest. She will also be presenting on Enviroforensics’ recent work in the important and emerging VI sub-discipline of Radon exposure risks during a presentation entitled Site-Specific Radon Risk Assessment at a Temporary Housing Development in Kansas.  Ms. Hamilton has also been invited this year to participate directly in the US EPA VI Workshop by presenting a case study of chlorinated solvent vapor intrusion and long-term stewardship obligations.

A VI presentation at the Wisconsin Groundwater Association conference in March rounds out a very busy Spring 2015 presentation series for Ms. Hamilton and the entire Enviroforensics VI Team.  Abstracts are currently being developed for other conferences throughout the year as Enviroforensics maintains their position at the forefront of developing VI research and policy.


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Jeff Carnahan, L.P.G.

Jeffrey Carnahan is a Vice President and the Director of Technical Services at EnviroForensics, Mr. Carnahan holds a M.S. in Geology and is a Licensed Professional Geologist (LPG) with 17 years of environmental consulting and remediation experience.  Mr. Carnahan’s expertise has focused on the investigation and interpretation of subsurface releases of hazardous substances for the purpose of evaluating and controlling the risk and cost implications to his clients.  While managing sites ranging in size from retail gas stations and dry cleaners to large manufacturing facilities, Mr. Carnahan has amassed extensive experience working with releases of chlorinated solvents within voluntary and enforcement cleanup programs for various State agencies and the U.S. EPA.  In his role as Director of Technical Services, Mr. Carnahan leads, supports and encourages the entire EnviroForensics team of experts as they guide their clients through the process of turning environmental liabilities to assets.

EnviroForensics® is an environmental engineering firm specializing in soil and groundwater investigation and remediation and vapor intrusion assessment and mitigation. EnviroForensics has all have the tools available to us to perform the highest caliber science in the market today, which allows designing and implementing clever, innovative and effective solutions to PCE and TCE contamination. EnviroForensics® has pioneered and perfected the utilization of Comprehensive General Liability insurance policies as a resource to pay for the high costs associated with soil and groundwater investigations, remediations, and legal defense.