Introducing the New

Welcome to the new and improved; a revitalized, user-friendly digital platform and marketing tool for our customers seeking environmental consulting help. 

Leading you to the environmental consulting solutions you need

We have carefully organized our content in a way that will give potential clients a more direct path to the solutions they’re looking for. The rotating image banner on the homepage links to landing pages that offer answers to some of the most pressing questions we hear from drycleaners, industrial property owners, and anyone else who may find themselves being held liable for environmental contamination. There are landing pages for our General Environmental Services, Vapor Protection Services ® division, PolicyFind® confidential insurance archeology services, and Industrial and Brownfield Redevelopment Services. We also now have a new “Career Opportunities” page for professionals who may be interested in joining.

Tracking our competitive advantages: Removing PERC & Finding Funds

Pounds of PERC Removed, Funds FoundAnother major cosmetic change to our website is the addition of our competitive advantage trackers. We take pride in our experience with managing the drycleaning solvent PERC (no other environmental firm has brought as many such sites to regulatory closure) and finding funds to help our clients pay for legal defense and cleanup. We have calculated these amounts to display proudly on our website, and will update those tallies on a regular basis.

Reliable content providing reliable answers

When clients choose a consultant, they’re looking for experience. We employ some of the brightest minds in the environmental industry, and have a history of success spanning more than 2 decades. We consistently share these breakthroughs with our newsletter subscribers and online visitors to our blog archive. If you have questions regarding a pressing environmental issue on your property, you will most likely find it on our website.

EnviroForensics® is a company that cares

We are strong believers in the power of company culture. A happy workforce is a productive one, and a big part of what drives the positiveEnviroForensics is a company that cares atmosphere in our office is a passion to give back. To showcase this passion, we’ve included a philanthropy section on our homepage. Here you will find more information on our past philanthropic efforts, such as: fundraising to bring clean water access to remote villages in the developing world, packing lunches for the homeless, harvesting fresh produce for food deserts in the Indianapolis area, and collecting coats for veterans just to name a few. We strive to give back to our communities, and look forward to continued and new opportunities in the future.