EnviroForensics® Promotes Megan Hamilton as Director of Vapor Intrusion and Risk Assessment

EnviroForensics®, an Indianapolis-based environmental engineering firm promoted Megan Hamilton, Director of Vapor Intrusion and Risk Assessment. In her role, Hamilton leads the company’s vapor intrusion services, with an added emphasis on community relations and risk communication.

EnviroForensics President Jeff Carnahan says, “Megan’s expertise in the science of vapor intrusion is equaled only by her innate talent for coordinating and explaining sensitive environmental exposure information to the public and affected parties. Since vapor intrusion is such a big part of the work we do every day, her contributions are priceless to our clients and the communities that we serve.”

Hamilton is one of the founders of Indiana’s Vapor Intrusion Guidance and is a nationally recognized vapor intrusion researcher, speaking frequently at international conferences. Hamilton leads an exclusive team of vapor intrusion specialists at EnviroForensics who work on sites from coast to coast. EnviroForensics is among only a handful of environmental consulting firms who dedicate a team of experts solely to this important field of work.

“No vapor intrusion site is the same and every chemical release presents different obstacles,” Hamilton says. “EnviroForensics’ support of research and development sets our company apart by aiding our team’s ability to stay up to date on and be a part of the developing cutting-edge scientific and investigative methods, which in turn provides us with the tools to develop new and cost-effective solutions for our clients.”